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7/27/09 10:47 pm

This just makes me gag. Euw! 

Why doesn't anybody tell her that's hideous?

7/22/09 11:09 pm - pictures of loot

as promised:

Lots of pictures :)Collapse )

that's all for now, thanks for you time :)

7/21/09 10:52 pm

shoes! I got my shoes! woohoo!
took pictures too, I'll post them tomorrow :)

also, bought stringy curtains for the windows and a new lamp for the bedroom and a new lamp for the office and cute stickers for the trashbins and candles for the garden... 

*dances excitedly around the new loot*

7/4/09 04:32 pm - shoes

I ordered really cool shoes 2 weeks ago, but I still don't have them :'(
I was hoping they'd be here by now...  

Also bought a new Panasonic phone for at home, but I guess they don't have next-day delivery either or I would've had them yesterday. Hrm... TNT is not my friend right now.

6/26/09 10:54 pm - birthdays

'I'm not as think as you drunk I am' is a very accurate icon at this moment. Rosé is veeeeeerrry nice on a hot evening.
[ it took me a while to type this msg ;) ]

I love you layonee ! I hope you had a good birthday today :D

6/25/09 09:41 am - red hair!

I dyed my hair red yesterday :)


6/20/09 04:50 pm - TUK shoes

I ordered TUK shoes at!


I should have the shoes in about 2 to 3 weeks :D

I'm kind of thinking of these shoes as well, but I'm not sure if I'd wear them very often:

6/19/09 12:14 pm


6/17/09 10:03 pm

 I'm home :) working on putting my piktjoors online... I'll post the link as soon as they're online :)

6/13/09 02:47 pm

 Thursday 11 june
As I wrote last time, today we went into the mountains. It was absolutely beautiful, and yet at the same time it was terrifying. Ralph had TomTom plan the route, taking scenic roads to little towns along the mountains. 
Took lots of pictures ofcourse, and luckily they don't show how anxious I got on some roads. My fear of hights was heartily fed on those damned little roads along the deep slopes. Right next to the road there was nothing, just air all the way down to the bottom of a canyon. Rocks and trees all the way down. Brrr, I was glad when we got to the 'normal' hairpin-bend roads, as scary as I found them, at least these were a little bit wider ;)
But like I said, it was beautiful also. Lots and lots of views (so long as I didn't look down ;) and the towns were amazing. It's like the folks there just decided to glue their houses to the side of a mountain just because. It made us wonder how it started. I mean, someone must've decided they wanted to live up high in the mountain, probably dense wood back then like it was all the way up. But we still haven't found an answer more plausible than 'because they liked the view' or 'because they didn't like other people' (but then why would a village grow around them, so that can't be it either) Anyway, we're home save and lots of beautiful pictures richer. I'll post them all when I get home, when I can get them of my camera.
Friday 12 june
Today we drove to Cannes via the coastal road. Very scenic route. It took a while before we arrived in Cannes, we had to stop along the way to take pictures ofcourse. When we got there we walked around, looked at the expensive stores, hotels, cars, boats and people. Lounged decadently at a sidewalk cafe, had a horrible 'croque monsieur' of which I only ate a quarter and some drinks. When it got a bit less hot we went to the beach and walked through the surf. Felt like heaven to have our feet cooled down so much ;)
To top the day off we had dinner at a restaurant outside of Cannes at an almost deserted beach. When we sat down it wasn't very busy, and we had a lot of attention from the waiters. As soon as we finished a drink there would be one at the table to clear it away, all very quiet and fancy-like. But after an hour or so, just as we were finishing our meal, it started to get busier. By the time we wanted to leave there wasn't a waiter that would give us the time of day. We asked 3 waiters for the bill, the first nodded and walked off, after a while and no bill we asked number 2 who gave us the bill and waved a hand towards a colleague. Number 3 was standing behind the bar at the register and when Ralph walked to him with his wallet in his hand, the waiter mumbled something and just walked away. Ralph got so annoyed he was actually considering to leave without paying. I think it was the manager who finally 'let' us pay. It was a very peculiar ending of a pretty good dinner.
Tomorrow we're going to the market in town, haven't done that yet because we can't seem to get up on time and ofcourse the markets are only in the mornings. We have to get some ugly souvenirs and gifts (gifts will not be ugly probably ;) and I really really want to do some more shopping. So maybe we'll go into St. Raphael or look around for a decent size mall or shopping centre not to far away. We want to spend some time chilling by the pool too tomorrow.
If all goes as planned we'll go to the Gorge du Verdon on monday, have a relax-day tuesday and start the trip home again on wednesday. We'll have skipped Monaco, but that's okay because we've both been there before and we don't want to rush around every day.


Well, we're at the internet cafe again and we actually made it to the market today. I bought 2 really cute tops and some gifts too.

Stupidly enough we miscalculated our departure day. We're having such a good time that we forgot that we're driving home in two days and get _home_ on wednesday  and not leave the camping on wednesday.

So our plan has changed a little bit. Today we'll laze around the pool (after we get home from the supermarket), tomorrow we go to Gorge du Verdon and monday we hang around the caravan and clean up and pack and laze a bit more. Tuesday we have to be out of the caravan by 10 in the morning, so again we have to set the alarm. I had done that this morning, wow what a shock ;)

Anyway, now for checking some mail and doing some groceries...

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